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We are Michael, Isabella, Totti, and Teresa. Built on Love was born-no pun intended-during our 6 year struggle of trying for a baby. We tried Western medicine and the regular procedures to no success. Standing at a crossroads of which path to take next, we decided to start again…from within. We gave our lifestyle a complete makeover, we changed the way we eat, think, and prioritize our lives. Now, we find ourselves so much healthier, happier, and… (drum roll, please) in the company of our first absolutely beautiful little daughter Teresa.

Built on Love is our never-ending journey of self discovery and self improvement. We hope you find it informative and entertaining.

Never give up!

Our long road to pregnancy… how we changed everything about our lifestyle, the way we eat, the way we think and how we used integrative medicine…

Our Story

Challenge yourself!

Read our story on how we challenged ourselves and succeeded in running a half marathon!

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Totti's Tales

Totti is our 5 year old Maltepoo. He is part of our little family and to us he is more than just a pet. When he was younger he was diagnosed with XXXX and had to undergo surgery. After a challenging recovery, he is able to walk again on all four legs.

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Here’s our story. All the things we changed in our lives to finally become pregnant!!!


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Yep, cleaning&personal hygiene products were a big change too! We recommend the Honest Company!!!

Totti's Tales

Totti’s challenges and adventures….

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